Monday, December 2, 2013

Getting a Christmas Tree with the Pellegrinos 2013!

It was a busy weekend in Connecticut for Thanksgiving this year! As always, we did a lot of driving (my poor Mom had such a long drive on the way there!) and got to have Thanksgiving dinner at both of my Grammas houses....we spent so much time eating and hanging out with family, that I didn't get any pics, but know that it was a blast!

The day after Thanksgiving saw us heading out to the Christmas Tree Farm just like we did last year. This year, it was Uncle Mat, Aunt Mallory, Mom, Dad and Gramma Mindy that went out to the Farm! 

As is tradition, we played a lot of hide and seek....first Mom and I ran off for Dad to find us...
Yeah...that's can't even see me!!
Then, Aunt Mallory joined my team, and we did some running around and hiding in the rows and rows of trees!
Finally it was time for us to pick a tree, and everyone found one that we all really liked for Gramma Mindy's house. I came and gave the final thumbs up, and it was up to Uncle Mat to get the cutting started!
I kept an eye on the proceedings, and he did a great job.

Aunt Mallory got in there for a little while to help with cutting the tree down, and I not only encouraged her, but offered tips on the best way to saw the tree down.

Finally, she swapped off with Uncle Mat again, and with Dad's help, we got the tree down!

Once the tree was down, I helped Dad trim the bottom so that it would fit perfectly in Gramma Mindy's house!

Of course, any farm worth its salt had something for kids to do, and this one had a little playground!

I got to go on the slide, and climb the climbing wall for a little while, while we were getting ready to checkout, and while Gramma Mindy bought her Christmas tree!

The Pellegrino-Grants also got themselves a wreath to take back to Maryland with them, and I made sure to tell the person who checked us out at the register that a bulb had fallen off the wreath, and that I picked it even with this slight deficiency in craftsmanship...I also made sure to tell her what a better gluer of bulbs I was than them...
The guys at the farm tied Gramma Mindy's tree to the top of Uncle Mat and Aunt Mallory's car so we could take it back to the house and put it up!

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