Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday Decorating 2013

This year, it seems like we have even more decorations than usual! Gramma Mindy got us an advent calendar so we can count down the days until Christmas. The calendar comes in the form of a large book-shaped case that contains 24 smaller books. You pull out one per day, and then read from the little books to learn the story of the birth of Jesus. The little books also double as Christmas tree ornaments. Very cool.
Mom and Dad also got a Playmobil advent calendar on sale at the end of Christmas last year, so I get to open them this year! Each little door opens to reveal a Playmobil toy. You put them all together to create a little woodland scene. There are lots of animals, trees, food for the animals, and of course Santa Claus and an angel (which are two of my favorites!)

When we went to get Gramma Mindy's Christmas tree, we also picked out a nice wreath for our apartment door! I picked it out, because I loved the color so much. One of the bulbs had fallen off, so I made sure to tell the lady that had rung us out that I was a better bulb gluer than anyone else. I'm sure she appreciated that.

We arrived home and Dad and I hung the wreath on our door (after we fixed the bulb, of course) He got the little stool out so I could help him lift it up to position it in just the right spot.

I think that with the color scheme of our building, and the general beauty of the wreath, it all looks really nice, wouldn't you say?

We went out to get a Christmas tree at our usual lot, and Mom and I got to put the lights on it when we got home! We worked very carefully to make sure they all fit, and were spaced out nicely.

Over the course of the last few weeks, we put a bunch of ornaments on the tree, some we had been given as gifts, some we had bought when we went to visit cool places like the National Aquarium, or Mount Vernon (Which Dad went to on his own) or Hawaii (which Mom went to on her own)
We also put lots of jelly decorations up on our glass entertainment center doors, cutout snow men, and other Christmas figures throughout the apartment. It all ended up looking very festive!

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