Saturday, December 28, 2013


While I am in Connecticut celebrating the holidays with my family up North, I figured I'd wrap up this year with a few catch-up posts detailing some of the other things that 2013 brought us.

Easily one of the most fun things of the year was my Fall foray into soccer. Mom and Dad signed me up for a soccer league that was organized by a friend's Mom, and the league included many of my current and former classmates at my pre-school.

We played a lot of fun games (that sometimes only loosely looked like soccer) that helped develop teamwork and our ability to follow rules. Some of the games seemed silly at first (and they were!) but it was a good way for us kids to burn off some energy, have fun, and learn the importance of rules.
We each had our own ball, shin guards, and t-shirt (which I wear all the time because it is my favorite shirt ever.) and got to play a lot! Our Coaches were great. They had the right balance of encouragement, while also being no-nonsense about having us follow the rules and play the game. (Well, as much as a bunch of 4 and 5 year old could focus on the rules and play the game)
I did pretty well during the various games that we played! I did a good job listening, and had pretty good control of the ball.
I even managed to score a couple goals, and make a few assists during the games where we actually played soccer. I think my favorite part had to be whenever we figured out a loophole in a game....for example, for one game, any time the ball went out of bounds, the coach would throw a new one, we caught on to this pretty quickly, and had a pretty good idea when the ball would go out of bounds, so we would turn and run back to the coaches, knowing that a ball was about to be thrown in, gaining the advantage by getting there first. 
I had a very good time throughout the season, and only had a few injuries that qualified as the worst injuries that I had ever had. I kept up a pretty good attitude (most of the time) and really missed the games, my coaches, and my teammates once it was over. Hopefully we can do something similar in 2014!

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