Friday, December 27, 2013

My Last Christmas At The Shoe.

This past week before heading up to Connecticut for Christmas, was my last end of the year holiday party at my pre-school. I have had five holiday parties there, and it has always been such a great time. The parents and teachers are great, and always throw a good party, and my friends are always great fun.

As we have for our last few parties, we performed a little song and dance number that we worked very hard to learn. It was a lot of fun for the parents to watch, and certainly fun for us to have worked on the last few weeks. The performance was a success and we all really enjoyed ourselves.
The show was followed by a gift exchange, and I gave a gift to one of my friends, while another different friend gave ME a gift.
When I opened it, I discovered that it was actually a bunch of small gifts: A large bouncy ball, a funny shaped ball that lights up when you bounced it, a cookie, and a game called Cheese Chase. SOLID gift...
The gifts were followed by our (as usual) crazy party full of controlled (and sometimes not so controlled) chaos. There was lots of great food to eat, and I made Dad very proud by eating all my pizza (Which I shared with him...) and all my snacks and desserts (Which I ALSO shared with him!) We were pretty full (and more than a little wound up) by the end of the party!
As things slowly came to a close, I took a few moments in the quiet corner to do a little bit of drawing...
I ended up with a very cool picture of a robot riding around, while Dad watches.
I think this was a nice way to close out my winter holidays at The Shoe. I will miss it a lot!

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