Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013!!

I am in Connecticut with the fam, enjoying a lovely holiday visit...but I just wanted to take a moment to wish
everyone a beautiful, safe, and fun Christmas. I have so many wonderful, generous, and loving friends and family, that nothing I write could express how full of joy I am this Christmas...thank you all for being part of this little adventure of mine. 

This is a photo of me visiting Santa at a mall near our home in is a tradition that stretches back to my first Christmas as you can see here in 

and 2009

I was a little stressed out and hesitant about seeing him (I even gave the SantaLand a wide berth when walking by) but Mom and I made a solid deal that got me to visit him...of course once I got there, I was very relaxed, and excited to see him again. After Dad warned Santa that I had a shark (but that he wouldn't bite) I got to tell Santa what I wanted (Obviously, I again asked for my Cookie Party Robot that doesn't exist, but TOTALLY should!) and we had a nice brief chat....Santa is great at being efficient, but never rushing anyone. He's very sweet, and gave me a candy cane...what a great visit with Santa! And what a great Christmas season it's been this year! I really enjoyed it since I got to do so many things with my family, and can't wait until next year!  


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